Volunteer Story Submissions

Dear CV Mask Project Volunteers,


We'd love submissions from you to post on our social media pages! Upload your selfies, stories, and videos directly to our Facebook Page or email them to Kellee McQuinn at cvmaskproject@gmail.com and she'll post it for you. Be sure to include your name and Facebook / Instagram link so we can tag you. If you're not on social media, that's OK - we would still love to know who you are and share your efforts with the rest of the community. The CV Mask Project couldn't exist without you and we want to highlight the special individuals who are working hard every day to be a part of the solution. 


What are we looking for? 

  • Pictures and videos of you, your partner, your sewing team (and even your pets!) in action.

  • Before and after photos / videos of the gowns and masks.

  • What your sewing station looks like.

  • Videos of the pick up / drop off process.

  • Hearing stories of how you heard about the CV Mask Project, how it feels to help the medical community during this time of need, how you got into sewing, or any amusing or inspiring anecdotes you'd like to share. 

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